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SEO stand for Search Engine Optimisation is an integral part of digital marketing. In today’s time after the arrival of social media and google AdWords , it may have lost its place but still SEO is important in digital marketing.

Earlier in the mid 90s corporates and big firms have just got introduced to the concept of SEO. They started hiring SEO Link Building Services experts as it was all about keyword stuffing and manual submissions. In 2004 startups started taking interest in SEO as they want to build their online presence. Hence SEO in digital marketing changed over the years. In today’s time the SEO is very different from the earlier SEO practice. Well you could try here to read and understand the advantages of the SEO. Now days organic searches and website traffic are given priority in SERP(search engine ranking page).

Whether it’s local business, mid business or big business all are changing their marketing approach and changing to digital marketing. Therefore there is a radical increase in the importance of DAS in digital marketing.

Importance of SEO in digital marketing

Nowadays people are always searching on search engine such as Google, yahoo , Bing etc before buying something to check reviews of that product. It amazes me that people also searched how to boil water. Hence we need to grab maximum eyeballs for our business inorder to generate leads and convert them into sales through sales funnel.

Search engine optimization is simply used to create visibility of your webpage. More traffic is proportional to more sales. A proper SEO of a website helps to rank in SERP. You can also keep track of your SEO ranking with the help of a website rank checker SEO tool to know the progress where your rank is in SERP.

There are billion of businesses in the world and most of them have online presence so there is a huge competition in SERP. In a research it has been found that approximately 73% audience don’t go to second page of search result and approximately 43% stays on the first five results hence the competition is high. So our main motive is to stay on the first page , than on the first five result and gradually attain the first position and stay onit.

To generate traffic for your webpage
To increase the visibility of your business
To make more crawling and indexing for your website by bots
More traffic= more sales
Outrank your competitors
Help your business stay on the first page
Help to attain the first rank
More global visitors to come
Now we now why SEO is important in digital marketing and it is an integral digital marketing tool. Let’s discuss what is SEO in online marketing.

SEO in digital marketing

Simply understand this , we type certain keywords related to our niche which we need for various reasons and shows us pages with more relevance to our keywords. More the relevance of keyword more the accuracy of result more the traffic and thus more the sales.

Search engines are not humans but the software that scannes the pages by completing a set of activities like crawling, indexing,caching. This is done by robots which are a set of instructions created by search engines to perform a specific task such as crawling , indexing and caching.

CRAWLING : The process to read and analyse the white hat and black hat factors by robots on a particular webpage is called crawling. Initially the boys will not come as it is impossible to crawl every new page appears in the search engine but eventually after sometime they’ll come for scanning your pages.
INDEXING : The process through which the robots save the crawled information within themselves is called indexing. Sometime you need to correct your page content as it takes to understand.
CACHING : The process to update the search engines with the indexed information in the SEO database is called caching.
Above discussed point are the algorithm of search engine. By typing a keyword if that page is optimised properly which means the keywords are in metatags, keywords are in url and keyword are on pages. And if the bots have crawled and indexed properly your page will show in serp. As bots will see more relevance with keyword a person searched.

Types of SEO

Whitehat optimisation: Whitehat are a set of instructions given by search engines and are also known as guides rules. A Reseller SEO service is your best option to greatly improve your site traffic on a positive way.
Blackhat optimisation: Blackhat are a set of instructions given by search engines and are suggested not to follow them.
Greyhat optimisation: Greyhat are a set of steps which is not included in the search engines algorithm yet, some experts misuse it for instant results.
Search engines are further categorised into two parts onpage SEO(onsite) and offpage seo(offsite). There are many experts in the market who will give you the percentage of importance of both but frankly nobody can fully understand the Google algorithm which is a fact.


It is the process of increasing the visibility of the website by doing necessary changes in the html coding part of the website. It can create a huge impact if your page is optimised correctly.

Content of the page is the main meat of the website. Content is the king. Google is like a mafia which can see any of your page and check the visitors behaviour pattern which eventually gives you ranking.

Content should be uniques , specific and relevant to the keyword that the person has searched. For example- if a person is searching for health benefits of apple and your website page shows guava benefits , the bounce rate of your website increase and Google will notice this and eventually your ranking will be lowered.

Now days on-page SEO is more important than offpage as Google wants their users to be happy and satisfied , for that they need more unique content.

Your content page should be linkable coz more and more traffic will go to your other pages as well which increases the time spend by visitors which is a good thing in Google’s eye.

Title tag
Content of page
Image alt text
We need to keep in mind certain factors mentioned above while on-page optimisation of certain webpage.

Relevant keywords should be in the title tag, Url , content of page and while image alt text. Bots will crawl and see that this page is for this keywords.

Head optimisation and body optimisation will give you an edge over others.

Start title with your keyword. More the relevance of keyword with content page more the optimisation
Add modifiers to your page like best, 2019 , top 10 , latest etc. It helps and people click more.
Use tag in your title
Use engaging images , content, videos, gifs etc to grab more eyeballs
Use in subheadings
Keyword density is very crucial. Put keywords in 100 words but don’t over do it as it’ll have a bad user experience
Use outbound links to relevant pages to your niche
Use internal linking within your website , bots will crawl and index all your content of all pages . It is like a door for crawlers.
It should be mobile friendly and boost your site speed , it should load within 4 seconds. If not than bad user experience. Result you all know.
Wrap LSI keyworda in your page like synonyms to your keywords.
Optimise your image by adding alt text to it.
Use social sharing buttons in your page and put your website link on various social media profile.
Write long , engaging content that make your visitors read more hence boosting your dwell time.
It is the process of creating backlinks of your website for increasing its visibility. The links which comes back to our website are known as backlinks.

Offpage SEO refers to task performed outside your website. Use different platforms and methods to generate quality backlinks,which means get backlinks from websites which has higher domain and page authority. Since Google has stopped giving ranking there is a tool named moz which gives domain and page authority of website out of 100.

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